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Our Facility

We are justifiably proud of our new facility, and we are grateful for the team of volunteers who designed the mikvaot and the building, raised the funds for construction, and saw the project through to completion.

The Mikvah building was designed as a house, to blend in with the surrounding residential neighborhood. Parking is available in the garage, in the driveway or on the street.

We have separate immersion pools for men and women. Two luxurious preparation rooms are available, as well as showers and locker areas for men. Towels and robes are provided, but Mikvah users should bring their own toiletries.

We also have a kelim mikvah for immersing dishes (tovelling kelim).

Halachic Status
Our Mikvah is built bor al gabei bor and bor min hatzad for women's immersion, and bor min hatzad for men's immersion. It was designed under the aegis of Rabbi Moshe Heinemann (click here to download ksav), through consultant Ephraim Geretz. Rabbi Yaakov Halperin (
rabbi@chabadlehighvalley.comprovides on-going supervision.

The Lehigh Valley Community Mikvah is located in Allentown, Pennsylvania, easily accessible from Route 22 and Interstate 78 (Cedar Crest Boulevard exits).

We often receive calls about coming here from the following locations; here are the approximate travel times, per Google Maps:
Wilkes-Barre Northeast Extension South (476) to 22E to Cedar Crest Blvd About 1 hour
and the lower Poconos
209S to 33S to 22W 50 minutes to an hour
Reading Route 222N 50 minutes to an hour

For specific directions, please contact the weekly Mikvah volunteer.

This page last updated April 2011 / 28 Shevat 5779