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Fees & Membership

The Lehigh Valley Community Mikvah is volunteer-run, but we still rely upon your assistance to pay for utilities, cleaning and maintenance. Therefore, we look to our community for financial support.

Contributions are always welcome. In addition, we ask Mikvah users to help defray the costs of operating the Mikvah. For your convenience, we offer both per-use fees and annual supporting memberships.

Per use fees
Cost for each immersion is $18
Cost for conversions is $65
Cost for brides is $36

Annual supporting memberships
Become a Supporting Member of our Mikvah for $120 each calendar year. As a courtesy to members, cost of immersion is waived for the year.

Basket rental
We have convenient baskets available for storing personal items, such as mikvah preparation items, at the mikvah. Baskets may be rented for $18 each calendar year.

Sending fees and contributions
Please make out checks to the Hebrew Family League. Mail all fees and contributions to the HFL at

HEBREW FAMILY LEAGUE                                                                                                                         P.O. BOX 3172                                                                                                                                                    ALLENTOWN, PA 18106

This page last updated January 2019 / Shevat 23 5779