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About Mikvah

In the time of the Beit haMikdash [Temple], immersion in a Mikvah was a prerequisite for participation in a wide range of rituals. Today, in traditional Judaism, Mikvah is used primarily in four areas: conversion, immersion of utensils before use, immersions before the Sabbath and holidays, and immersion as part of observing family purity.

Many educators and clergy in the Lehigh Valley are available to talk about Mikvah use from a variety of perspectives. The following educators and clergy have volunteered to serve as resources:

Rabbi Yaakov Halperin (Rabbi, Chabad of the Lehigh Valley - ORTHODOX)
Contact: 610-351-6511

Rabbi Nisan Andrews (Rabbi, Congregation Sons of Israel - ORTHODOX)          www.sonsofisrael.net                                                                      RabbiCSOI@gmail.com                                                                                      Contact: 610-433-6089

Rabbi Seth Phillips (Rabbi, Congregation Keneseth Israel - REFORM)            rabbi@kiallentown.org                                                                                                      Contact: 610-435-9074

This page last updated June 2019 / Sivan 5779