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We make every attempt to accomodate Mikvah users according to their schedules. Please remember, though, that Mikvah operations are coordinated by a dedicated group of volunteers who contribute their time to provide this vital resource to the community. Every effort is made to preserve privacy and confidentiality. Please be patient and respectful.

To use our Kelim Mikvah
Please contact Amy Fisher at asfish84@gamil.com for orientation to our system. After you are familiar with our system you will only need to check the web calendar for daytime use to ensure that the Mikvah building is not already in use; the Kelim Mikvah may not be used when the Mikvah building is in use for a conversion, or other pre-scheduled daytime use.

For men only: Immersion in the mornings
Immersion by men is coordinated by Kyle Newfeld (kgndeltau@gmail.com). The Mikvah is reserved for use by men each morning between dawn and 8 AM, and Fridays after 1 PM. For Erev Yom Tov hours, please contact Kyle Newfeld or check our web calendar.

To immerse during the day
For general inquiries about usage during the day, please contact Amy Fisher at
asfish84@gmail.com. For conversions, please contact your Rabbi.

For women only: Immersion in the evenings
Evening appointments are scheduled by a rotation of volunteer schedulers. Schedulers are also available to serve as Mikvah attendants if desired. Please leave a message on the Mikvah voice mail - 610-776-7948 - and a scheduler will return your call.
Important note: Appointments are scheduled on a first come basis. Attendants are volunteers. Please give 48 hour notice to ensure that an attendant will be able to make arrangements to accompany you.


This page last updated NOV. 3 / 1 Kislev 5774